Located in Essex, Epping is a market town and civil parish that also serves as the terminus for the London Underground’s Central Line. Close to the Epping Forest, it maintains many rural elements, as well as many old buildings listed as landmarks. It is home to a famous weekly market that is held every Monday. It is a popular residence area for people who work in London and commute, making it one of the more populous residential areas outside the city’s central area. It is now mostly inhabited by young people, which brings a need to expand its living space, and so the area is undergoing steady changes at all times.

All Epping citizens can count on  the best services provided by MGR Removals. We offer a range of reliable removals and storage services. Thanks to the experience of our teams and the access to our properly supervised storage facilities, you can be sure all your belongings will be stored in a safe, secure manner until you need them again.

Company name: MGR Removals

Address: 145-147 Boston Rd, London W7 3SA

Tel: 0208 579 0293


If you’re looking for a practical, reliable way to store all your items for a set amount of time as you undergo a house move, office move, or a simple house clean-out? MGR Removals offers just what you need – a reliable and safe storage service available to all Epping citizens.

Student storage

When you’re a student, there are many instances when you need to store your things –whether you’re switching dorms or going back home for the summer. With MGR Removals, you can rest easy – we’ll handle all of your student storage needs better than anyone.

Furniture storage

Furniture needs to be handled with the proper care and attention in order not to be smashed to bits as it gets stored for a longer period of time. With MGR Removals, you can be certain that this will be averted, as we are some of the most reliable furniture storage experts in the field.

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